Newfoundland Coyote


The North Eastern coyote is somewhat larger than its Western cousin averaging between 25-50lbs. Although,they feed Primarily on Caribou, Moose, and snowshoe hare, they have also been known to feed on beaver, squirrels, and grouse.In some cases they have even been known to feed on Berries.

The first confirmed sighting of Coyote in Newfoundland, was in 1987, when a pup was hit by a car, near Deer Lake. There have been sightings as early as 1985, which could not be verified. It is believed that they travelled across the ice from Mainland Canada. Today government Statistics estimate the coyote population in Newfoundland to be somewhere around 5600 animals. Others believe the population to be much higher.

The most effective method of hunting Coyote, as with any predator, is by the use of bait, calling, and decoys. Hunters locate coyote with the use of callers, and by looking for fresh tracks and/or scat. Prey calls can then be used to lure the Coyote into the open where they can be shot with a Varmint rifle.

Coyote hunting is available to both residents, and Non Residents. Although, it is not necessary for a non resident to go through a local outfitter or a licenced guide, it is prefererable, as these individuals know where the coyote are located. There are many outfitters and local guides available in Newfoundland, and can be found online.